This pictures is downloaded from the Mars Express satellite. This satellite ground penertating radar can see underground structures on Mars.


   The spacecraft leaves Earth and Moon        Approching Mars        Scan principle



   In Mars orbit. North Pole                       ET spaceship in Mars orbit         Mars from space




   City on Mars                           UFO on the ground       Another UFO    Interesting structures




   Buildings                           Darkspot                         Interresting structures




   Interesting structures         Interesting building                                 City




   Pipline in the vally floor           Pipline in the vally floor             UFO on the ground




   Structures under the sand                 Infrastructures                                  City




  Base / Spaceport               Underground structures         Underground structures around the face




  Buildings                                    Buildings                      Base                          Take out from ice




 Underground structures on Phobos               Plants                                            Vally




 Underground structures               Underground structures           Interessting buildings




    Underground structures


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Updated 1 Marts 2018